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Community, Training, and Resources for ‘Listen to My Life’ maps and other spiritual formation tools.

oneLife Maps Circle Membership will launch in January with Deeper Conversations, with additional resources and benefits added each month!

Membership includes live calls, video training, resource library, a private chat space, and more!

The Ignatian Journey

During 2024 we will be taking a journey through Volume 1 of The Ignatian Journey: A Contemporary Approach to the Spiritual Exercises.

This is the first six weeks of a 32-week journey and is considered the Preparation Days of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola.

Each week of content offers an introduction to the week, a suggested grace to pray for, Scripture passages, a prayer / poem, a reflection, a chapter of reading, relevant resources to listen to or watch, a visio divina (art), and a journal question.

Mark your calendar for our first Deeper Conversations call on January 18, and then stay tuned for more to come!

"The purpose of the Exercises is very practical: to grow in union with God, who frees us to make good decisions about our lives and to 'help souls.' Ignatius invites us into an intimate encounter with God, revealed in Jesus Christ so that we can learn to think and act more like Christ. The Exercises help us grow in interior freedom from sin and disordered loves so that we can respond more generously to God’s call in our life."

~Kevin O’Brien, The Ignatian Adventure

oneLife Maps Circle Membership 2024 Schedule

All Zoom calls will be 12-2pm CST and will be recorded.

  • Session 1: God’s Unconditional Love for Me (January 18)

  • Session 2: God’s Ongoing Creation (March 14)

  • Session 3: The Intimacy of Prayer (May 16)

  • Session 4: God’s Invitation to Greater Freedom (July 11)

  • Session 5: The Principle and Foundation (September 19)

  • Session 6: God’s Call to Me (November 14)

Here's How It Works

  • Join us anytime throughout the year! Complete the form below to start your membership.

  • Purchase the resource we are using for the year – Volume 1 of The Ignatian Journey.

  • You will receive an email reminder one day prior to the live Zoom conversation with call instructions.

  • The live Zoom conversation will be recorded for those who are not able to make the scheduled date and time, and the recording will be available to all current members.

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$20/month or $240/year

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